Our Story

Holabear was born with an idea:

Enjoy the drink with the ideal temperature anywhere.

Just like most of you, taking a sip of cool coke or wine in hot summer, tasting the warm coffee or milk in freezing winter is charming and relaxing moment in life. But this kind of expectation is always destroyed by the weird taste drink which in the wrong temperature. To avoid it, we create the tumbler which has the great capability of keeping cool or hot for the inside liquid at least 8 hours.

In the meantime,we’re thinking about Health.

After traveling to different places and experiencing different hygienic environment.The question came up to our mind: how do we keep both ourselves and the earth stay heathy while we are exploring the world.---whenever you are taking the city walk, cycling in the country yard, camping on the mountain, fishing in the ocean, or driving in the desert...

Gain more memories for our brain with a healthy body, and leave less pollution for our earth without trash. Then polar bears can still keep chasing the fish around the ice mountain, koalas can keep holding the trees when fells into the deep sleep without scary, dolphins and whales can always dance in the ocean, and we can protect each other.

That’s how we live.

We also believe that design matters our life, every detail which can make life easier, better, and safer is considered by Holabear. Also, Holabear’s high-end performance always can be the spotlight everywhere.

Just try everything to make your day.